June 21, 2014

what's for dinner - dream dinners

I'm not sure why I've procrastinated for so long. I mean, maybe it's pride. Maybe it's because a box or frozen dinner is cheaper. Maybe I just keep forgetting. But after two solid years of ripping my hair out trying to enjoy cooking when I'm also trying to enjoy my family in the workday evenings, I'm going to give Dream Dinners a try. I just signed up.

Dream Dinners knows my pain. The pain of a working mom who wants to eat real food without the hassle, drama and expense of going out (or the nasty alternative of fast food). The pain of juggling the demands of a working parent who also needs to eat every day and wants to see their kid for more than 5 minutes of said day. Geez, if only we didn't need to eat every day!

It looks like they have locations around the country, and the few friends I know who've tried them practically swear by them for convenience, price, and healthy options. I literally have nothing to lose (I already waste money at the grocery store buying items that I later forget what I was going to use them for -- pathetic, I know!).

Of course, this will only cover three or so meals per week. But I think I can make the rest of it work. Surely.

Here goes nothing.