June 9, 2014

top 5 signs my son is ready for potty training

Yesterday, DH and I decided that this coming Friday is Training Day. We (uh.. that really means me since he's working) are going to potty train the boy. Below is a list of the top 5 signs we know our toddler is ready for potty training.
  1. He wants to help me by being in the room, trying to wipe me with tissue way before I'm ready, and flushing the toilet for me. Hey, I'm not shy about letting him get to know the ropes.
  2. He plays with the integrated toilet seat and enjoys putting little bits of tissue in there, then flushing to watch it go down.
  3. He doesn't want me to change him when he's got a number 2, but then he wants to wipe himself as soon as I get started (I haven't given him the opportunity to play with the contents but I'm sure he would).
  4. He investigates the area with a finger.
  5. The other day, we put him in his room for naptime. According to the evidence, he apparently took off his diaper, peed in front of his bed, then went to sleep naked below the waist on his bed where we found him 2 hours later. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.
I bought a book with over 300 5-star reviews (Toilet Training in Less Than a Day) and am building a short shopping list:
  • A doll that wets
  • An extra stool for the downstairs bathroom
  • A second integrated toilet seat for the downstairs bathroom
  • A variety of tasty drinks, treats, and candies
  • Special stickers
  • Big-boy briefs
  • A special reward for mommy to be enjoyed at the end of the day
I'm totally intimidated. Isn't that silly? It's such a big milestone and I've heard so many stories that I assume it will be difficult and last months. I could be wrong. But I'm more afraid of missing this glaringly obvious window of opportunity. Lord help me. :)