February 12, 2016

columbine reckoning

Our son went to sleep in a big cardboard box, his imaginary spaceship, surrounded by stuffed animals. We watched Ms. Kleborg, in her interview with Diane Sawyer, grapple with the reckoning of her son's life and it's horrible ending. We could not un-remember the tragedy that brought us to our literal knees 17 years ago. I specifically remembered asking God to end it right away and prevent more death.

Tonight we considered the statistics of how much young people are exposed to violent video games and movies. We wondered, quietly, how we can be good parents who thwart our only child from the evils of this world while feeling helpless against its rulers. I did not disturb my husband as he snuggled against our four-year-old son in his bed, a physical shield against the ravages of this world. I texted a message of, I hope, comfort and support to my 17-year-old nephew who battles these same evils.

What incredible times for us all.