June 5, 2014

remember who is in charge of your child

I just ran across a blog post talking about a mother's experience at a doctor's office, where she encountered a note saying that a doctor or nurse would spend 5 minutes talking to her child alone -- without any parent present. As she later found out, this time would not be to determine if the child has been abused. Oh no. This is to talk to the child about sex and drugs and offer free assistance like abortion counseling and condoms.


Not only this, but apparently in this glorious state, the 12-17 year old children have online access to their medical records which they can block from their parents.

Again. WTF?

I don't remember giving birth to a ward of the state. I'm pretty sure my son is his parents' responsibility and, while a few years ago this would barely have been a blip on my radar, you can bet this mama bear will do everything in her power to keep parental authority where it should be, which is complete and intact.

I cannot tell you how much this angers and deeply disturbs me. I can only imagine what a bleeped-up society my son will encounter when he turns 12 in another decade. Until that happens, I better step up my game and keep tabs on what political people think they should control in my family's life. It's also a strong reminder of how and why it's so critical to continually build a strong, positive, and open connection with my son. You never know who might try to erode it.