June 25, 2014

can children see angels? i sure think so

A few days ago, my son and I were in the master bedroom in the afternoon. He looks over in one corner and says “Hi Daddy! Hi…” I looked at him, looked at the corner, and said “Do you see Daddy? Do you see a man that looks like Daddy?” He said “Yeah” while still gazing in the corner and kind of smiling. I said, “Do you see an angel?” He didn’t respond, just stared into the corner. I wasn't freaked out or anything; in fact, I felt perfectly calm and just smiled.

Got chills?


I'm still reeling from yesterday's report of the toddler who died after being left alone in a cabin for 90 hours. I would like to think that he was in the company of angels in those last hours, and that he was welcomed home early with cheers of joy rather than surviving the hell of an abusive/neglectful parent.

My best friend, knowing that I don't quite understand the depth of my own emotions in this, offered me very good advice: "You are gonna feel towards things you never thought you would before…that is sad. I’m sorry you came across that article. I don’t understand some mental illnesses…but unfortunately it’s part of life... that baby is in heaven with Jesus now…no need to be sorry…think of what his life could have been with that mother had he lived."

Matthew 18:10(NIV) 10 “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.