March 25, 2015

random thoughts on the hundred foot journey

Yes, I will take a 20 minute walk at work. And yes, I will wash my silverware in the bathroom sink with the hand soap rather than make the hundred foot journey to the kitchen.

March 24, 2015

dream of the house and bird

A few weeks ago I dreamed that my husband and I were downtown walking around, looking for a place to camp. He pointed out a shady spot on a sidewalk (ha!). We walked past an old, dilapidated timber house that looked abandoned. I was fascinated by it, wondering what it used to look like. So we stepped into the front room to look around, and suddenly it started morphing, like it was going back in time. I saw the original wallpaper start to appear - dark red with a velvet fleur de lis pattern - and then the structure built up around us. Suddenly a jeep pulled up and I thought "Someone lives here?" We got out of there before they saw us, and I noticed a young boy in the kitchen. We kept walking, and as I turned around to look at the house again I saw it was completely restored, remodeled, and there was a big family gathering going on. Further down the block, my husband walked up to me holding a little bird on his finger. It had pretty yellow feathers all down its back. I let it rest its feet on my finger and I fell in love with it, so we decided to adopt it. I remember wishing very much that I could give it my blood so it would be a part of me.

It's one of those dreams that are just crazy enough for me to pay attention. To what, I don't know yet.

March 9, 2015

beautiful interruption

Last night, my son was going to bed early (according to pre-daylight savings time anyway). The lights were out already. I sang to him a few bars of "Yes Jesus Loves Me" and then invited him to our regular prayer. I started reciting it and he interrupted me. "No mommy! Stop." I asked what was the matter, and instead of replying to me I heard him praying his own prayer. I couldn't hear most of it but I caught "... bless Mommy and Daddy... In Jesus' name. Amen."

I'm pretty sure I just sat there with my mouth open. Then I tucked him in and wished him sweet dreams.

How beautiful is that? Sweet dreams indeed.