January 31, 2014

top 10 ways my body has changed two years after giving birth

Okay, it's almost been two years since I gave birth to my son. I'll tell you right now that I'm pretty sure I'm still in a state of denial about my body, but slowly I am coming to accept some things. For example, it's different. Different, even, from a year ago. But that has more to do with beer and pizza than anything else. Also, I'm learning to see myself differently. Which leads me to a short list of the things I've noticed about my body since then.

  1. I could care less if I fit into a size 12 (which I'm only one size away from), but at the same time I do covet the other, smaller half of my wardrobe. Also wondering when I may get up the gumption to join Weight Watchers again (I used to be a lifetime member).
  2. Motherhood has flattened my ego for the most part. I care a bit less about makeup, depending on what's happening that day, and more about which pair of comfy pants I'll wear when I get home from work.
  3. I keep developing these weird skin thingys that I know are harmless but I pick at them anyway.
  4. I have more gray hairs. Pretty sure I'll have twice as many another year from now.
  5. I will still pay just as much to have my hair done well as I did before I had my baby. 
  6. My hips sit higher than they used to. I noticed this last year, but now I'm understanding how it affects my clothes. I'm secretly hoping I can keep my hourglass figure, but kinda doubt it.
  7. JEANS. Not only do they not fit the same way, but I have to try on every pair from every designer when I go shopping now. I'm finding that some of the brands I used to hate now look okay on me, and in some cases the reverse is true. The size is the same, but the higher hips really affect how they fit. And, since I'm almost 5'10", camel toe continues to be my biggest detractor from most brands. Plus, I am finding that I seriously hate low-rise jeans -- I'm getting tired of constantly pulling them up over my love handles. I'm still trying to fall in love with skinny jeans, but my fuller thighs make this a challenge. There are times I've laughed out loud in the dressing room.
  8. Even though my arms are almost Popeye-strong, they look flabbier (probably the excess weight).
  9. I have more wrinkles around my eyes, and a few more dark circles. Fun.
  10. I'm tired enough at night that going to bed at 9:00 feels like a special occasion. 
  11. I try to make myself get up an hour before my son to keep it all together.
Okay, the last one is a bonus and isn't about my body so much as my psyche. But it's still important, like my weekly yoga class - I think I will atrophy and become stiff as a board if I ever give it up. And don't even talk to me about using a DVD at home as opposed to taking a class. Not the same thing.

Motherhood. It's a journey that lasts a lifetime, even if you start it midlife.