January 17, 2014

anxiety and the search for peace: part 4 (hormones, baby!)

In my continuing effort to find out what it takes to get my sleep patterns back to non-dependence-on-drugs, I checked with my doc. Sure enough, she agreed that the week-long increase in progesterone could easily be a source for insomnia. So she switched me to a mono-phasic cycle (the same level for 3 weeks).

I started it last Sunday. I'm giving it up altogether today.

I'm so tired of being tired and wondering whether I'll have another hellish sleepless night every time I hit the pillow. It's ruining me bit by bit.

So, I will try going pill-free to see if this is what I need to do. I'm also doing so prayerfully, asking God to guide me through this.

The search for peace goes on.