June 3, 2011

How Fear or Unbelief Limits God in Our Lives

i found the most amazing blog from a woman of faith today and just had to share this with you. yes, she's been knocked down by the infertility stick, but her story is full of encouragement for those of us who struggle with our faith even as we overcome (or endure) incredible obstacles.

the topic i'm reading today: limiting God (part 2)

favorite phrase of the day: "...I have to start seeing myself pregnant..." this has actually been an evolving theme for me. between a dream about being told to see something to a brief encounter during a workout when i felt the command "i want you to see this" followed by a vision of my own pregnancy, delivery, and holding a baby, i can sense that this is something i need to do. now.

doubt has been plaguing me, and i reject it right now.