May 13, 2011

Today's the Day

This is the second day of constant rain - a rarity in sunny CO. The weather was even worse this day last year, with snow flurries and freezing temperatures. Differences include: weather, lack of physical pain, no trauma, miraculous change of heart and perspective.

Oh yes - and I don't feel depressed. It's the strangest thing. Downright anti-climactic.

My awesome husband made French toast for me this morning. Got the morning off quite nicely! The power went out in the condo (stupid transponder likes to explode now and then), so we went to the library to work for a while. Stopped at a local Italian place for buffet lunch (what is it about buffets that make me feel like I'm contractually obligated to pig out?? urp..) Worked from home the rest of the afternoon.


Whoops - seems the day got away from me. It's now 24 hours later since I began this, so here's how the rest of my day went: My awesome sister-in-law sent me a bouquet of gorgeous flowers along with a note saying she's thinking of me. Pretty darn special in my book (her and the gesture).

Later I participated in a casual, coffee house music recital. I jammed out Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee" with my guitar and vocal chords. Watched Thursday night comedy on NBC. Continued a bit of reading in Genesis (Joseph has just been given dominion over Egypt for taking care of the grain ahead of the famine). Switched off the light. Slept well. It was all good.