May 3, 2011

Dream of the Landlord

I had the most interesting dream last night. My husband and I moved into an apartment (which initially took the form of the one my mom and I lived in when we first moved to CO) and we were all excited to be there. 

Then I started looking around and noticed that the place wasn’t clean. Whoever lived there before we moved in had left some of their stuff – old stuff – lying around. The more I looked around, the more I saw. There were chunks of flooring ripped up and missing. And the front door didn’t close all the way. In fact, it was propped open by a neighbor who was borrowing a torchiere lamp to light the hallway. 

Meanwhile, I heard a lot of hammering noises like construction that seemed to be getting louder. I asked the neighbors about the condition of our apartment and they told me not to worry – the landlord was coming through and fixing everything. That was the hammering I had heard. I was relieved and happy, so we set about starting to move the old stuff out and organize. As I wandered through the place, I found that the previous resident also left behind three or four dogs and a couple of cats that needed to be fed, so I started tending to them.
To me, it feels like an allegory of the past six months of my life. I especially like the dream telling me that the landlord is coming to fix my house.