March 12, 2011

I love men

Got your attention?

Last night we joined a friend and a few of his buddies for happy hour - something that, honestly, we haven't done in at least a year (mostly because get-togethers are either DH and I or one of us meeting with one other person or couple). I was excited about it all week, which sounds pretty pathetic, but seriously.. we hadn't seen this friend since last spring.

So there we were at a pub trying to remember the last time we'd seen each other. At first we thought it was last winter in Steamboat Springs for skiing. But no - really the last time was in May last year when he showed up with a TON of food in sympathy for our first miscarriage (it was a joint venture with a couple other dear friends). Then we all briefly remembered out loud - oh wait, it was May of last year... - and before that weird silence or question could even pop into anyone's mouth, my friend said "Let's say Steamboat."  We laughed and toasted our beers and had an awesome time.

That's what I love about men - not that they aren't deep or emotional or anything like that, but they know how to skim around the serious crap when no one wants to talk about it.  Don't get me wrong - I would literally die a slow, painful death in emotional agony without my women friends - but sometimes the ease of hanging out with men is just cool. Just cool. Hah!