January 27, 2011

the most wonderful poem: Yahweh

I won't predicate this with my opinion, or how deeply it's sunk into my bones over the years, or how - especially during this time of grief, pain, and confusion - it is more helpful than ever. I will only say that I don't remember the author's name, but she resides in Colorado and shared this with a group of women at a retreat a few years ago.


there is the voice you’ve always dreamed about,
deep, relentless, the sound of many waters
covering you, riding the waves of your darkness;
you crave he who will not drown in your hunger.

I am the one you cannot weary,
unyielding, unrepentant,
I will catch hold, cupping your heart
with healing hands, brushing your hair
under the shadow of my wings.

you push against desire, the longing to see my face,
to know the secret name I gave you
before the stars sang.     You hope your fear will hide you
underneath thick, armor-warm skin,
cradling yourself in its dark shell.

                  this is of little consequence.
before the day was, I had already found you,
stirred your void with my breath.
the terrain of your heart is etched on my hands,
your nightmares will not lose me.
tumble yourself back into the sky
and marry me once more.