March 27, 2014

the next milestone - the death of the crib

Today's early morning conversation went like this:

DH: "Look." (points into son's room)
Me: "Oh shit... Well, good morning son!"
Son: "Hi!" (son is standing in the middle of his room, having evidently decided he could climb out of the crib)
Me: (to DH) "Uh-oh. We're in trouble now!"

How long do you suppose I can procrastinate in transitioning him to a toddler bed? Sigh... not long enough. I was intending to put this off until mid-May, after the husband and I spend a night in a cabin in the mountains while the boy stays with his grandma. Granted, he has his own room there too. We just weren't quite ready to have her worry about midnight wanderings. Of course, it's possible that he'll still sleep as soundly as he usually does and I'm worrying about nothing.

Hahahaha... I crack myself up.