March 18, 2014

sick sucks

Last Saturday we had a housewarming party. The house was full with a dozen adults, half a dozen kids, and catered barbecue. Then, that evening, I came down with an ear infection. It took me down like a prize fighter.

My mother took me to an urgent care clinic Sunday morning where I had this confirmed along with strep throat. Good grief. I joked with the doctor, saying "How about a hat trick? Is there a third coming?" (I tend to crack jokes when I feel like death is knocking at the door) 

Fast forward three days. My ear is still giving me lots of pain, can't hear out of it, and am wondering why I'm still miserable. So I went to my regular doctor today, where she declared I have both a middle ear infection and an outer ear infection. She re-worked my regimen to a stronger medication and added antibiotic ear drops. By the time my husband got me to Target for my meds, my OTC painkillers had worn off completely and I was in absolute agony, trying not to cry while waiting for the prescription to get filled. This afternoon though, I've graduated to a state of relatively comfortable numbness with 90% of the pain blocked by alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Taking a shower with half your head numb and deaf is an interesting experience... but I digress.

The first day of my sickness, my son determined to help me feel better by putting his toy truck on my legs as I lay helpless in bed. Sweetie pie. Yesterday I was feeling well enough to interact with him so he kind of hogged me for attention, though I declined to put him to bed as I didn't have the strength to carry him. Tonight, I think I'm strong enough to be all his. As long as the drugs continue to keep the horrific pain at bay.