November 24, 2013

of toddler fits and starts and teeth and beauty

Yesterday we went to a potluck. It was probably great, but we spent our time shoveling food down our throats while taking turns keeping our son from destroying the world at large. I think there was plenty of table conversation going on -- or maybe they were politely talking over our drama? Not sure. Doesn't matter.

I had thought I could sit at the table with him and give him some bites off my plate. Oh, the hilarity! "HA," my naivety laughed, "You have no idea who you're dealing with!"

Two more screaming fits later, we decided to cut our losses and exit before they served dessert. We weren't furious or humiliated, we just had no idea what to do other than remove him from the situation.

Then this evening, I served him some rice with a bit of sauce in it which he barely tasted and then threw on the table and on the floor. After throwing whatever else was in the radius of his flailing arms, my husband calmly put him in his room and shut the door. Where in the world did this screaming fit come from? I was nearly beside myself with frustration.

He calmed down. We moved on.

I was getting him ready for bed, and then I saw it -- the emergence of the tiniest white nub that is known in the parental world (well, my world anyway) as The Great Nemesis, or the Two Year Molars. Suddenly, the blinding fits of rage make sense (hell, even his dentist didn't see this three days ago so it's brand new).

I'm having flashbacks to when he was breaking the canines. That was horrendous as well, and lasted too long. This? I have no idea. I'm just bracing myself.

Of course, it's not all fits and starts. I have to admit that this age brings blessings that weren't possible even six months ago -- not only is he walking and running and curious about everything, but he's memorizing words and even two-word phrases at an amazing rate. When I walked in the door from the grocery store this afternoon, he came to me and gave me a hug. He's also capable of giving me the biggest, most beautiful smile that shines like a rainbow and melts my heart, and he's starting to try to return the phrase "I love you."

Yes, it's worth it.