November 22, 2013

moving right along

All the drama has been worked out. We're getting squeezed by our buyers to do extra work, we are squeezing our sellers to do extra work, and we will barely squeeze ourselves into our house the weekend before Christmas. It's all good though.

Yesterday I booked us a couple's 90 minute massage. Holy crap I had no idea how much I needed that! I can't remember the last time I felt that relaxed. I hope to do this twice a year.

Right now my son is napping after a morning that included play time, food fights (why do I bother feeding him hot cereal?), a quick dentist visit, and keeping from killing himself by sticking the end of the laptop power cord in his mouth. All in a day's work.

I guess I should eat some kind of lunch but the idea bores me. Fridays can be weird as I struggle to figure out ways for us to spend time together -- not so easy when it's 25 degrees outside and snow is on the ground. A good friend is coming over though, so we'll figure it out together. We'll play with the boy, hit the grocery store, get pizza for dinner, and watch a movie when he goes to bed. I love friend time.