June 4, 2013

what is it this time? oh, that's right - nothing

The boy is quickly becoming a crankypants hot mess on a regular basis (a.k.a Toddler) - I have already lost count of the tantrums that last anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes (and, believe me, 10 minutes is a LOOOOONG time to endure one). When I'm at my wits end (is that wit's or wits'? I forget how many I have - I might be down to my last wit), though, I take a look at the blog Reasons My Son is Crying and I remember - my son doesn't need a reason to cry. He just needs to get it out of his system as he asserts his independence, or weeps for the lack of it.

This apparently takes several years.

I guess all I can do (besides fix that Manhattan the minute he goes to bed) is buckle up and remember that this roller coaster goes downhill a helluva lot faster than it goes uphill. Mercy.