April 30, 2013

teething hell

Yesterday was one of the worst crabby days I’ve seen in my son, as he is starting to break in the lower canines. Holy cow, this little guy would scream randomly and clamor for me to pick him up only to jump out of my arms, throw food and sippy cups, wail in his car seat, and generally be a pain in the patootie. Thankfully, my mom spent the afternoon with us and so it didn’t seem too unbearable. You know your toddler is cranky when a random Target employee says funny, friendly things to your kid in order to distract him. I think he ate six crackers in our attempt to basically shut him up (snacks are rare).

By the time I got home I was ready for an extra-large sized cocktail. Which I did indulge in, and it did calm my nerves.

Before I get too far with this rant, I should say that I had an attitude adjustment even in the middle of all of this. I’m part of the meals ministry at our church, and occasionally deliver a meal to someone who’s sick or just had a baby. Yesterday I brought a pizza to a house, and met a young woman from church who just had a baby. I didn’t know anything about their story, but she cheerfully shared with me. The boy was born breech two weeks early, and the next day had to have brain surgery for a hemorrhage. She introduced me to this sweet, little thing who had an oxygen tube taped on, and several inches of stitches all around his tiny head. He’s doing well, though, and is expected to make a full recovery. She was beaming with joy, and all I could think was what a miracle this child is.

Witnessing this beautiful boy who spent the first month of his life in the NICU made me grateful for a lot – not from a place of pity, but of awe.

This morning, Mr. Cranky Pants was giving us more challenges and I nearly lost my cool in my exhausted haze just trying to get out the door (not at him, though – just in general), but I got the job done. Nothing like a big traffic jam when you’re already 45 minutes late to give you a chance to breathe.

I was reminded of a saying from Winston Churchill: If you find yourself going through hell, keep walking. That's probably a bit dramatic for this, but I'll take it anyway.