July 26, 2011

Progress Report

Just got back from the doc – strong heartbeat, 2 hands and 2 feet, and we saw the little bub moving around in there (doc asked me if I wanted to break out the camera phone to record the heartbeat. I said "naahhh"). Looking more babylike and less bloblike. My next (12.5 week) appt. is Aug. 11 so we are looking forward to that.

We will celebrate by…exhaling.

You may return to your regularly scheduled blog viewing.

Only thing was... she took one quick measurement and it read 9.2 weeks, not 10.2 weeks like I should be. Then again, she admitted that the regular ultrasound operator may take a different reading that would show a different age estimate. What.. me? Worry? I'm going to not focus on that little blip on the radar. I will accept what I know for sure.

In the meantime, I ordered a copy of Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. It's been around for several years but I think it's time I read it.