July 3, 2014

what's for dinner - dream dinners part 3

This week we've had three Dream Dinners meals. All were good, portions were pretty accurate, and since my son generally eats very little for dinner, two meals gave me lunch the next day. Already I'm spending less time grocery shopping and worrying about what to make for dinner. Tonight, however, I will purposely build a meal around a box of mac & cheese just so my son doesn't wonder if I'm trying to starve him by not serving his mainstay meal. Last night he absolutely refused even one bite of plain rice. He had some plain yogurt instead. Oh well. I'm over it.

I'm picking up my next set of meals this Saturday, giving us three or four meals per week through July.

Of course, this gets me thinking about making my own freezer meals. Surely I can do this on my own for a lot less money? Obviously I can, but therein lies the trap I'm trying to free myself from which is the time-consuming planning, purchasing, and prepping. I don't know. Maybe at some point I'll do just that. But for now, I'm content to dine the Dream.