December 9, 2013

i give up (for now)

"If it's the last thing I do, I will get out this door!" That's what I told my son and myself this morning as I shut the front door and headed for the car. Well, I did get out the door. 

It's been one of those mornings. Didn't sleep well thanks to the upstairs neighbor's floor giving a loud CRRRACCK!! as they walked around in the night (and a cold that's trying to catch me). My son is a little whiny from a cold that's caught him and some molar teething. I put together dinner in the slow cooker, something that was supposed to take 15 minutes that ended up taking over an hour -- especially once I found out my son had permanently relocated my can opener. It seemed the faster I moved, the slower I got things done.

And then came the battle of the jacket, the battle of the shoes, the screaming match getting into the car seat, and subsequent screaming once I got myself in the car.

It wasn't even 10:00 and I'd had enough. 

I got us out of the car and my son was perfectly content to march right back home with me where we stayed the rest of the day. I guess he didn't want to go anywhere, and he clung to me like static electricity as I cried a little bit, and then for the next couple hours.

I guess we were better off this way, and he's been pretty happy the rest of the day, which leads me to today's toddler tip from the trenches: If you have to move heaven and earth just to get out the door, sometimes it's better to just stay home.