December 7, 2012

more food obsessions

I think I’ve made some progress in feeding since my last post (for the love of food). The hungry bugger is chomping away at half a banana (which works wonders at keeping blowouts at bay), some kind of cereal, yogurt or pureed cottage cheese (plain or mixed with fruit, which I’m now trying to give in chunky bits – plus he can’t stand the texture of cottage cheese), some kind of veggie mush mixed with minced chicken (or whatever’s in the nearest non-fruit pouch), plus the regular four bottles per day. He also enjoys fish, mashed potato, squash, sweet potato, fries, tomato soup, beef, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about. 

The whole-food weaning thing has been a mixed bag at best, so I’ve chosen not to worry about it. He’s great at eating banana right off the… banana (without me breaking off pieces), enjoys chomping on cooked mini carrot sticks and other little finger-sized foods. So I’m probably ahead of the game.

The only thing that has me flummoxed is the idea of transitioning him from the bottle to the cup. He doesn’t seem to care about sippy cups, and drinks out of a cup fine if someone holds it for him. Oh well. One transition at a time.

Now if we can just figure out how to get him to quit rocking back and forth in his high chair as if he expects it to start rolling like a shopping cart.