December 21, 2011

"Did you do IVF?"

I was getting a prenatal massage at a new place, provided by a woman who's worked with (evidently) a lot of pregnant women. I was pretty shocked at this question. Does getting a massage create some kind of intimate ask-me-anything-you-want atmosphere? If so, please clue me in.

I was mildly flabbergasted (since I was pretty relaxed, laying nearly naked on a table beneath a blanket getting a massage). Perhaps she had surmised this by my age, revealed by the crow's feet or the emerging grays from my two-month-old hair color. I immediately decided I was not embarrassed by my answer.

I simply replied "... um, no. After two miscarriages and a diagnosis of fertility, God has chosen to bless us with a miracle pregnancy." I told the truth. Usually people don't pry much more when you bring God into the conversation, but I'm past the point of wondering whether they think I'm nuts for believing.

She went right on from there, talking about other situations she's seen, how she had experienced seven (!) failed adoptions, and figured God just didn't have that in her plans.

I decided that she treated the massage experience like a lot of people treat the hair salon experience, and forgave her forthrightness. Still, it was weird man. Good massage though!