February 19, 2011

To herb or not to herb?

Since there is no western medicine treatment for my condition (egg quality), I embarked on a mission a few months ago to see if there were any natural treatments I could do. If you've read past posts, you know I've tried acupuncture - it was nice and all, but didn't seem to be a good fit for me and my wallet. I have looked through several volumes of supplement books to see what they recommend, and have been dismayed to find that they are almost all completely different.

What does this mean? That all of them are true? Or none? Or... it depends?

Hell if I know. I read and look for patterns or similarities. I think and pray and do research. Is this enough? I'm not sure what to do, how long to do it, how to take it or for how long...

I found one supplement, Female Reproductive Factors from Michael's Naturopathics, that contains many of the herbs that support the female system. So I started taking those a week ago. I know, it takes months for herbs to be effective. So far my body has responded by making me super bloated and giving me hormonal facial acne - you know, the stubborn things that leave scars - so I'm not sure I should be taking these.

It's so frustrating. I want to be proactive and do good things for my body in the hopes that maybe we can try again, but I'm never sure that I'm doing the right thing. I feel so lost sometimes.